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The Body and Health

The Body

God has given the body to work for the soul.

The soul works through the body.

This entity cost of this body is Rs. 240 million (Try to search on Google).

But humans do not appreciate such a precious body and rub it anyway. It causes diseases of the body. Most people are not aware of their health and if they are inactive. Man uses his body to earn money throughout his life. Then 40 or 50 years after the body goes bad, the same money is spent for diseases of the body, then take medicine for a lifetime. Money is needed but money is not everything. Use it to handle the body. Everything will happen but the body is not perfect, then everything in the world is useless.

The main causes of diseases occur in the body due to diet, pleasure, sleep and feelings of mind. Knowledge of body parts is necessary to understand and prevent diseases of the body.

Appreciate that a part of the body is very precious because it is very expensive to repair and will not be the same after being replaced.

Heart Transplant              -        Rs. 50 lakh

Kidney Transplant                     -        Rs. 25 lakh

Liver transplant                -        Rs. 50 lakhs

Knee Replacement         -        Rs. 10 Lakh

Getting sick is very easy in today's world. So get knowledge by reading books of The Body and Health. Live natural life.

Body information books - Photos - 40 minutes with GOD

Body information websites

Drug information websites - Spreading Awareness

Having knowledge of body parts

Exercise Books - Websites - Awareness

Body ppt parts / Senses

Five Originals

This body is made up of five elements.

Sky, Air, Fire, Water and Earth

The sky is vacant, Air is heavier than the sky, Fire (Sunlight) is heavier than the air, Water is heavier than the fire and the earth heavier than the water.

Therefore appreciate these five elements of the body.

Clean Air

Pure water

Priceless Sunlight

Earth (Soil Element)

Sky (Abundance)

Necessity of Healthy Body

Deep sleep

Pure Air

Pure water


Pure Food

Meditation Yoga - Laughter - Pranayama

Addiction Free

For Healthy Body

8 hours sleep

Pure Air,

8 to 12 glasses of pure water

Bath Daily,

Green Vegetables, Salads and Seasonable 3 Fruits’ balanced diet

1 hour exercise,

Pure thoughts,

1 hour meditation - Yoga - Laughter - Pranayama and Addiction Free are necessary.




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