Methods to Keep the Body Healthy

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1.           Food / Diet / Supper

As the saying goes, like food, as body and mind. Therefore, give pure balanced positive diet and pure water to the body. Food is the soul of the body, the main cause of most diseases is irregular and negative food. The function of diet is to increase immunity, enhance health protection and promote health. Using the diet nourishes the process, the food consumed nourishes metabolism, digestion, absorption, storage and excretion. Thus, diet increases the body's growth. Diet fulfills the deficiency of the body, gives strength to various organs, provides immunity and maintains wellness.

Rules of Eating Food

1.           Eat food chewing and chewing, excessive chewing will produce saliva and food will digest easily.

2.           Do not read newspapers while eating.

3.           Don't  watch TV or news while eating - Don't watch violence etc.

4.           Eat only when you are hungry, do not eat without hunger.

5.           Make sure to have a daily meal, breakfast time. If time is not saved due to travel or any other reason,
    try to save it till then.

6.           Remember God before having food. Show gratitude to the grain producers and the person who
    delivers them to you.

7.           Eat carefully while eating.

8.           Eat slowly, eating fast will increase the air in the body and will produce gas.

9.           Do not eat raw, half-cooked food.

10.       Eat less in anxiety, depression, anger, or sadness.

11.       Fasting once in a week. Take honey-lemonade, fruit or fruit juice during fasting, drink more and more

12.       Do not drink water while eating, drink water after 15 minutes of eating.

13.       Serve as much food in the plate as you are hungry, do not waste food and disrespect it because
   millions of people in the world do not get food once.

14.       Eat as many calories as the body needs. Because overeating will lead to weight gain, obesity and
   many diseases.

15.       Piles, Haras, Gas, Constipation, etc. will be saved from disease by eating chewing.

16.       Eat 3/4 times less than the stomach strength of the body and leave 1/4 place in the stomach. Do not
   press and eat.

17.       Take control of food in the mind while going to the wedding, party or hotel. Sometimes if you are
   overeating, walk 2 kilometers a day and digest  extra.

18.       Keep calm and eat happily as long as possible while eating.

19.       If food is not balanced, aeration and cough can cause imbalance.

20.       Reduce food as you get older.

21.       Eat at least three to four times at a certain time without eating too much in certain time.

22.       Eat vegetarian.

23.       Eat grains, vegetables and fruits prepared from organic farming in foods, keep in mind that toxic
   chemical fertilizers are used in most products nowadays.

24.       Do not sleep immediately after meals.

25.       Do not talk while eating.

26.       Slow music can be heard while eating.

27.       Serve food with love and eat with love.

28.       No disrespect for food, no kick or hate.

29.       Excessive diet spoils both stomach and diet.

30.       Eat less in monsoon.

31.       Light breakfast at night and heavy breakfast in the morning.

32.       Seeing stomach in glass every morning. Keeping the weight under control.

33.       No food after 8 pm, light snacks can be taken if needed.

34.       Cooking in memory of God.

35.       Cover the food and cook it, and cover the cooked food.

36.       Brush after meals, clean teeth, clean mouth with water.

37.       Do not drink water for 50 minutes after meals. Some sips go because the digestive process is slowed
  by getting quick water after eating

38.       Eat to live, do not live to eat.

Types of food

A.          Positively balanced diet

30% Green Vegetables and Salad

50% Protein rich and Iron-element rich healthy food.

20% fruit (3 fruits per season)

1.           Bread – Chapati

2.           Pulses, rice, vegetables, beans

3.           Fruit

4.           Almonds, walnuts, cashews, grapes, pistachios, figs, dates

5.           Sprouts Bean.

6.           Khakhara, Daliya

7.           Mugs, fenugreek, gram, wheat

8.           Chilli, Lemon, Turmeric, Rye, Cumin, Hing, Coriander, Mint

9.           Soybean oil, mustard oil, sesame oil

10.       Lentils, rajamas, potatoes

11.       Our Desi Spices

12.       Lassi, buttermilk, lemonade, honey water, sugarcane juice, milkshakes, soup.

13.       Eat desi ghee, butter proportionally.

14.       Vegetarian diet

15.       Salad

16.       In the afternoon, take some lemon, curd or tasteless buttermilk.

17.       As far as possible use only indigenous jaggery.

Kolhapuri is also not good because detergents are used in it.

18.       Instead of eating the sweets of the market, eat Laddu of dates, dry fruits proportionally.

19.       Sprout Mung, protein-rich soybeans, iron-rich black sesame seeds, millet, fenugreek-palakh-tandaljo-like such vegetables, salads, green vegetables, 3 fruits per season, no ideal food like these.

20.       Instead of polished rice, use handmade rice and peeled lentils. Take a variety of homemade soups.

21.       Take ginger-nimbu syrup for 20 minutes before meals, it will also increase appetite.

22.       Drink honey and lemon water on waking up in the morning.

B.          Negative Tamasic Diet

1.           Onion, Garlic

2.           Paratha, Puri, Pakodi, Pattis, Pizza, Burgers, Samosa, Panipuri, Ice Cream, Papad, Dish, Bhajia, Naan, Noodles.

3.           Renounce unhealthy and abusive drinks like cold drinks, fast food, Coca-Cola, Pepsi. Instead drink ginger-lemon juice, various juices and soups.

4.           Pastries, Cakes, Cream, Chocolate, Toffee, Candy, Syrup, Chees

5.           French Fries, Chips, Fast Food, Panir

6.           Biscuits, Cookies

7.           Fried Things

8.           Tin - Items stored in a bottle / tin pack - eating it causes asthma, allergies, cancer.

9.           Jam, syrup, sauce, ketchup, jelly

10.       Groundnut oil.

11.       Basmati rice, polished rice.

12.       Pickles, Papad

13.       Sweets

14.       Caffeine, Alcohol, Drugs, Colddrink, Panparag, Tobacco, Gutka, Smoking

15.       Hotel food

16.       One should never drink bed tea, first brush your teeth.

17.       Eating rancid.

18.       Instead of menda, use unsweetened flour or phadé.

19.       Avoid five white items or eat very little.

1.           White salt - Excessive use is equivalent to poison. Make it 1/3.

2.           White sugar - Reduce consumption as much as possible.

3.           White Beans - Use as little as possible.

4.           White Butter - Use as little as possible.

5.           White Soda - Use as little as possible.

20.       Use oil as required. Do not reuse the oil once used.

21.       Instead of red chillies, use green chillies proportionately.

22.       Exclude vegetable oil and all refined oils, if possible use sesame oil, mustard oil or cottonseed oil.

23.       Mother breastfeed her baby. Bottled milk will make the child sick.

C.          What will you eat and drink in what measures?

·          Do not take at all

Stale-exposed foods, chemically and preservative foods, unclean unsecured water and cold drinks.

·        Take at least

Salt, Sugar, Menda, Sweets, fried-open-hot, Bakery Products, Pickles, Papad, Sauce, Ketchup.

·        Take proportionately

Cheese, Ghee, Oilseeds, Coconut, Kandamool, Soyabean, Dates, Figs, Almonds, Cashew, Desi Good.

·          Have more

Soups, sprouted pulses, cereals, lentils, salads, pure water, pasturised milk, yogurt, ghee (by age)

·          Take in large amounts

Healthy tasty drinks like lemon-ginger, lemon-honey, fruit juice, good-lemon, natural food, three red-green-yellow fruits, fresh green vegetables, green vegetables.

D.          Ideal Food based on Five Elements

1.           Sky - (Shortest / Lightest)

Fast, keep the stomach empty from late evening till morning.

2.           Air - (Rough)

Green leafy vegetables - Spinach, fenugreek, oatmeal, alveena leaf, Nagarvell leaf, Wheat jowar, Aloevera, Sargway.

3.           Fire (incisive)

Fruits - apples, oranges, mosambi, chiku, grapes, bananas, ombles - eat citrus-sweet fruits in the morning, while in the evening take 20% sweet fruits.

4.           Water (balsamic)

Green vegetables - Milk, bitter gourd, cucumber, carrots, radish, beets, tomatoes, brinjals, bhindi, parwal, turiya - take 30%.

5.           Earth (Guru)

Soil beans, grains, moong, chickpeas, moths, etc., peel the beans, take protein, soybeans - 50%.

2.           Air

1.           Keep the surrounding environment pure.

2.           Breathe deeply into the lungs every day, taking pure air.

3.           Control the temperature of the atmosphere.

4.           Reduce noise pollution.

3.           Water

1.           Drink pure water.

2.           Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily.

3.           Drink boil water as long as possible.

4.           Drink 1 glass of water for every hour, get up.

5.           Drink fresh buttermilk after lunch.

6.           Take lemonade, honey water, soup, juice if needed.

7.           Drink pure water from Aquagard or RO.

8.           Kidney will be better by drinking more water.

4.           Exercise

1.           Walk for 1 hour each morning or evening.

2.           Do any exercise every day for half an hour.

3.           Perform Anulom Vilom for 15 minutes daily and 15 minutes forehead Kapalbhati Pranayam daily. In this way, the body needs 2 hours of exercise daily.

4.           While doing anulom inversion, inflate the lungs completely, so that every cell in the body will get complete oxygen. So take deep and long breaths.

5.           Exercise every part of the body.


Facial exercises

Legs exercises,

Palm of Hand and toes exercise

To walk,

Shoulder exercise

Eye exercises

Neck exercises

6.           Any type of favorite exercise can be done for 1 hour.

To walk,

To dance


Outdoor sports



7.           Practice Surya Namaskar in the morning. Your day will be better by seeing the rising sun, half an hour every day.

8.           For teeth exercise, eat strong and cleaned cucumber, carrot, radish, coconut, sugarcane, sing-gram, fennel, sesame and chew slowly.

9.           Keep your weight balanced by exercising.

Body mass index         -        BMI   -        Keep below 23.

Overweight is the leading cause of most diseases.

Benefits of Walking

1.           Weight is reduced.

2.           The body looks good.

3.           Cheap. Going to the gym is not expensive.

4.           BP decreases. - Heart becomes strong.

5.           Sleep arrives good.

6.           The body gets fresh due to getting more oxygen.

7.           Cholesterol decreases.

8.           Relieves backache.

9.           Bones are strengthened.

10.       Reduces anxiety and stress.

11.       Increases immunity power of the body.

12.       The aging process slows down so it is late in aging.

13.       Helps in osteroposis.

Benefits of Surya Namaskar

1.           Vitamin D is available for free.

2.           Does not cause skin pain.

3.           Antiseptic power increases.

4.           Increases natural vitality.

5.           Increases excitement and exuberance.

6.           Brain and veins are active.

7.           Relief from depression.

5.           Sleep and Rest

1.           6 to 8 hours of sleep per day is necessary for a healthy body.

2.           If necessary, rest half an hour in the afternoon. This will keep the body healthy.

3.           If one day's sleep is not complete, the body will not get enough rest and the next morning the body will not function properly.

4.           Meditate for 15 minutes every night.

5.           Take a deep breath and relax the body.

6.           Adopt rules of mental peace (according to the chapter)

7.           Doing any exercise for 1 hour before going to bed will make the body feel tired and sleep fast.

8.           Have a light meal in the evening.

9.           Sing Gayatri Mantra or Mahamrityunjaya Mantra at night time.

10.       Do Shabasan when you feel tired.

6.           Addictions

1.           Addiction of any kind is harmful to the body.

2.           Stay away from BD, cigarette, tobacco, liquor, panparag, manekchand, gutkha, ganja, charas, coriander pulses, betel nut.

3.           Once you get habituted to it, you will be bound for it and then it will be very difficult to quit the addiction.

4.           So never have relationships with addicts.

5.           Addiction causes incurable diseases, jaw cancer, liver dysfunction, kidney disease, recurrent lung diseases etc.

6.           Addiction will cause extreme financial, mental, social harm.

7.           Fruits, apples and dry fruits are cheaper than gutkha.

8.           Drinking alcohol causes liver damage.

9.           Avoid social marketing websites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. This wastes time and life.

10.       Use internet, mobile, email, SMS, as required, do not become a slave to it.

11.       Avoid pornography, do not waste your life.

7.           Ways to keep the Body Healthy

1.           Clean air

Nature has given us clean air full of pollution free life. If millions of human body do not get oxygen, many diseases can occur and even death can happen. Therefore increase the capacity of the lungs through deep and long breaths and remain healthy independently without any medicines.


2.           Clean water

Drink 12 to 14 glasses of water daily. In a clean utensil or pot, use the fourth portion by boiling boiling water, which has a pH of 10 to 10.2, most of the diseases are caused by contaminated water. Drinking water filled or sunken in a copper vessel is considered healthy.

3.           Clay

Visit and understand the various uses of soil by visiting any naturopathy center.

4.           Fasting

Fast 1 time a week. Instead, it is very easy to get sick if we eat too much in a hotel on Sunday, so if you fast for 1 time a week, the impurities accumulated in the body will burn and the body will become sickfree.

5.           Exercise-Labor

Do such labor as the body gets exercise.

6.           Natural Life

The more you lead natural-simple-pure life, the better your health will be. Enjoy nature, enjoy your stay.




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