Rules of Success in Life for Wealth

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Rules for Success in Life

1.           Dreaming Big - High Thoughts - Dreams, Ambitions - Goals Aims.

1.           What do you want? Decide on that. Set a goal in life. Keep in mind business choice.

2.           Choosing a business based on your topic of interest. Make plans Think about the option.

3.           Set a goal that you find interesting.

4.           Recognize reality, start working by just knowing what you are or what your own skill.

5.           One should never be blindly followed in business.

6.           Do business according to your power. If you can climb ten steps, then dream thirteen steps.

7.           Never dream of fifty feet of whimsical dreams.

8.           Set your values.

9.           Dreaming Big - Thinking High - Thinking Big.

10.       There should be extreme desire.

11.       Work hard to make dreams come true.

12.       Protecting dreams. - do not ever give up.

13.       Have a clear future vision.

14.       Stick to dreams.

15.       Have faith in your dreams.

16.       When someone dreams clearly, then there is faith, then your unconscious mind starts looking for ways
   to accomplish it, and the body also accompanies it enthusiastically. You do not get tired even after
   working 14 to 18 hours.

17.       Power comes from dreams. Success begins with dreams.

18.       The bigger  dream leads the greater  success.

19.       See dreams, always think big.

20.       Be intent. stay positive.

21.       Visualize daily, work for it and get it.

22.       Visualize daily and assign tasks to the subconscious mind. This is going to happen as you think.

23.       Understand the law of attraction. Feel like you have what you need.

24.       Increase Your Value - Don't  Sell You Cheaply.

25.       Ask yourself daily - how can we do this job better.

26.       Make your brain broad. Take inspiration from people. Learn to move around with people.

27.       Stay in touch with new groups. Join a new organization, do new tasks.

28.       You still have a lot to offer.

29.       Think about the happiness and joy of the future from today and prepare yourself mentally for this.

30.       Think of life in every side of ​​your life, and think even longer in the economic field. Think long-term and
   follow a detailed plan by listing various methods and resources to create a master plan. Do not be slow
   but do at a running pace.

31.       Doing something that other people cannot or rarely do, and do some more quality work than that, it will
   increase your respect, and you will get your own price.

32.       Discuss with an experienced expert, get guidance. Formulate a strategy. Prepare a time-bound action
   plan and take action accordingly. Review the monthly targets and work done and evaluate the annual
   basis and modify the next annual plan, making appropriate changes if necessary.

33.       Dream dreams and inspire them to come true. Think the latest and the ultimate new.

34.       Get full and all information and updated knowledge of your business and keep updating it.

35.       Accept the risk of enumeration. Instead of closing the eyes and shedding in emotions, take the
   necessary risks with prudence.

36.       Do not be pessimistic and negative.

37.       Resource knowledge is more than welcome for a business venture.

38.       Always use a positive and optimistic word. I can make the impossible possible, I will do, say such.

39.       Do heavy labor, proper management and realistic resultant planning.

40.       Never discuss with pessimists. Plan a consultation with successful owners.

41.       Do good networking.

42.       Keep relationships and contacts the best.

43.       Let him fight without delay. Do not sit waiting for opportunity, create opportunity.

44.       Move forward enthusiastically like a spider without fear of failure.

45.       Dream of excellence and try to make them come true. Keep moving forward with passion,
   self-confidence and enthusiasm.

46.       ​​Always speak sweetly.


2.           Thought

1.           Every day thousands of people bury good thoughts, because they are afraid to work on it.

2.           Be proactive in implementing the thought.

3.           Find inspiration yourself. No need for others motivation.

4.           With paper and pen, all your attention is focused on the problem. When you write an idea on paper,
     you are writing the same idea in the brain. The more time you remember, the more concentration you

5.           Right now.

6.           Be creative.

7.           Just thinking does not bring success. Implement immediately, seize the opportunity to do it first.

8.           Write down ideas immediately, do not let them be missed. Always keep pen and paper attached.

9.           Explore the idea encountered, nurture it.

3.           Doing a new job - Doing something new in life

1.           New work does not have to be big.

2.           The new idea is not necessarily yours - cash the idea

3.           You do not have to be very educated.

4.           It is not necessary that you succeed in the first step.

5.           It is not necessary that you have no work other than to do a new job.

6.           Using new technology - update yourself everyday.

7.           Think differently from others.

4.           Adventure Torture - Taking Risk - Fear

1.           Risk of leaving the study

2.           Risk of leaving the job

3.           Financial Risk

4.           Risk of what people will say

5.           Risk of failure

6.           Not necessary to have all the arrangements with you.

7.           It is not necessary to be rich from the beginning.

8.           It is not necessary that others support you.

9.           It is not necessary that you live in major cities.

10.        You do not need to be young.

11.        Do not be afraid of fear, find a solution

12.        Fear of failing

13.        Fear of ignorance

14.        Fear of not having pre-preparation

15.        Fear of making the wrong decision

16.        Fear of rejection

17.        Do not blame luck

5.           Do not be afraid of difficulties

1.           Opportunities are hidden in troubles

2.           Be prepared for difficulties

3.           Do not care about the opposition

4.           Do not be afraid of disasters. Do not be afraid.

6.           Leave Excuse

1.           Do not pretend to have age, poverty, illiteracy or ill health.

2.           Leave Excuse - Do not support  by rational pleas.

3.           I am unlucky.

4.           I am small aged.

5.           I am very old. (Old man will be your father)

6.           My planet is bad.

7.           I am helpless.

8.           I am sick, my body is not feeling right.

9.           I do not have this much money.

10.        I'm not so smart.

11.        I am not so educated.

12.        I don't know that much.

13.        Nowadays the market situation is very bad.

14.        I have a family burden.

15.        I have a shortage of time.

16.        Nobody helps me.

7.           Distance Thinking - Long Vision

1.           Identifying future problems.

2.           Testing future possibilities.

3.           Thinking well about the results.

4.           Instead of receiving later, take the loss now.

5.           Don't get caught in greed.

6.           Thinking about impossible things.

7.           Exploring new opportunities.

8.           Success - Failure

1.           Aim for deadlines, not postpone work.

2.           Never copy anyone.

3.           Do not hurry wrong.

4.           Keep learning new constantly.

5.           Do one thing at a time.

6.           Work in sequence.

7.           Without goals, there is no success

8.           Do not be afraid of competition

9.           Accept challenges.

10.        There is never a delay for your desired work.

11.        All should be fair.

12.        Think about the welfare of all.

13.        Learn to accept mistakes.

14.        Do not blame others for your failure.

15.        Always think that some way will be found.

16.        This work is impossible, do not let such thinking come.

17.        Every situation has a good side.

18.        I can do this. - Build confidence - I can.

19.        Always do excellent work. Excellence - Money is a by-product.

20.        Talk about success, keep moving forward.

21.        Increase will power - I can do everything.

22.        Accept the challenges.

23.        Work step wise.

9.           Causes of  Failure

1.         You are not aware of your goal.

2.         The environment around you is not right.

3.         You do not wake up with deep desires.

4.         You are not self confident.

5.         You lack self-control.

6.         You do not have enough education.

7.         You lack plan.

8.         You do not recognize opportunity.

9.         You do not have your own thinking, you believe in following.

10.       You do not have an action plan. You are weak for hard work.

11.       You do not have an attractive personality. You are suffering from the opposite person.

12.       You are constantly suffering from instinct.

13.       You lack immediate decision-making.

14.       You are physically weak.

15.       You are unsuccessful in family life.

16.       You are constantly afraid of any kind of thing.

17.       You have mistaken the choice of business.

18.       You are suffering from short-term.

19.       You lack adventure.

20.       You do not have the spirit of cooperation.

21.       You are parabolic.

22.       You do not have enough capital for the business.

23.       You are immoral.

24.       You do not do what you like.

25.       You are often a victim of nervous break-down. You are prone to negative thoughts.





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