Rules for Success in Business

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   Rules of success for business in life

1.           Success

1.           Must have irritating desire - Burning Desires.

2.           Remove the word impossible.

3.           Do something smarter.

4.           Happiness, Peace, Pleasure can last  long time is called success.

5.           Work hard. Hard work. No short cut.

6.           Show quick decision-power.

7.           Avoid minorities.

8.           Do not be dependent.

9.           Work by making the jpb hobby.

10.       Be optimistic, have strong faith.

11.       Do not be afraid of failure, learn from it, do not give up.

12.       Continue to work with confidence without thinking what people will say.

13.       Exit in the comfort zone.

14.       Allow the necessary time to achieve and be prepared to wait patiently.

15.       The fate of those who help themselves is with them.

16.       The whole destiny supports the vibration of  the positive concept.

17.       Learn from the mistakes of others.

18.       Do not compromise after making a determination.

19.       Successful people always think of positive possibilities, while unsuccessful people think about problems.

20.       Be grateful.

21.       Avoid negative thinking.

22.       Learn to control emotions.

23.       Be proud in your methodology / achievements.

24.       Have a real goal.

25.       Be flexible

2.           Temperament / Appearance / Personality / Behavior

1.           Keep the body healthy.

2.           Improve appearance.

3.           Be soft on the inside, hard on top.

4.           Naturally simple person reserved. Not at all.

5.           Stir in yourself before stirring up enthusiasm in people.

6.           Look like an important person - Think that your work time is important.

7.           You are a special person. Develop this kind of approach, only then people will do a lot for you.

8.           The front should feel relaxed after talking with you.

9.           Be Relex.

10.       Do not get angry. Control your  anger.

11.       Keep pride under control, don't make the assumption that you know everything.

12.       Live and let live.

13.       Use words of victory, hope, happiness, pleasure.

14.       Age 65 or 95 are interesting years of life.

15.       White hair is your property.

16.       Always keep your head up, never let down.

17.       Thanks for what you have.

18.       Be Determined - Determination.

19.       Reach at the right place at the right time.

20.       Always stand on your feet.

21.       Inspect all the grounds / aspects daily.

22.       Never distract yourself from the goal.

23.       Let go of small things.

24.       Learn more and more about the big guys.

25.       Keep the environment around you excellent.

26.       Free yourself  from excuses.

27.       Start the day with a positive act, with gratitude to God and with hope.

28.       Resolve

29.       Stop complaining and start living.

30.       Instead of a Problem personality, develop a Solution personality.

31.       Increase your influence by leaving the habit of being afraid.

32.       Make your mistakes your teacher, learn new from them, never let mistakes happen again.

33.       Make a habit of always being happy, quit being irritable.

34.       I know everything, leave such pride and learn good things from everyone.

35.       Have faith in yourself and God.

36.       Stay away from negative humans and thoughts.

37.       Control your passion.

38.       Do not forget  the favor.

39.       Bring a change in outlook.

40.       Maintain strength.

41.       Work stress free.

42.       Improve personality

43.       Be creative.

44.       Accept the mistakes, don't cling to them, don't repeat the same mistakes.

45.       Do not blame fate. Keep fighting the circumstances.

46.       Conquer loneliness.

47.       Think unthinkable.

48.       Instead of running away from problems, solve it.

49.       Celebrate every moment of life.

50.       Think about options where necessary.

51.       Wear a nice dress.

52.       Recognize your  role.

53.       Do not spread rumors. Do not betray anyone.

54.       Be polite.

55.       Don't  be so harsh with yourself.

56.       Don't  just read it, keep yourself in practice in life.

57.       Set the principles and stick firmly to them.

58.       Do not play politics.

59.       Give time for family.  Do not combine business and homework.

60.       Pay full attention to your family as planned.

61.       Handle responsibility

3.           Work

1.           Work is life.

2.           Profit from work should be made.

3.           Reputation should be gained from work.

4.           Work should be enjoyed. Love your work.

5.           Avoid laziness. Do not sit idle. Continue the activity, Do not sit on pet.

6.           Prepare a to-do list the next night.

7.           If the employee does not do, you should be able to work by yourself, learning that no one is needed.

8.           Distribute the work of the company.

9.           By the work whome you afraid, do it first.

10.       Arouse interest in what you need to do, so if you have to do something very soon, do it with pleasure - don't  do them with dying, weeping and weeping  or  without any mood.

11.       Keeping integrity to work with full devotion.

12.       Change Gyan Yoga into Karma Yoga.

13.       Act responsibly.

14.       Doing a good deed will make your soul feel satisfaction.

15.       Do not wait until the right mood is reached, start working, the mood will be automatic occur.

16.       Do not take the success of  small men on your head.

17.       Finish work which you don't  like, do it today.

18.       Work away the feelings of  fear. Develop  self- confidence. Victory is beyond fear.

19.       Working and getting done with discipline.

20.       Stay organized.

21.       You should get complete knowledge of the work you want to do.

22.       Be expert in your work. Achieve knowledge.

23.       Work from the heart with 100% efficiency.

24.       Be ready to do more work when needed.

25.       Work with complete preparation, planning.

26.       Do only one thing at a time.

27.       Keep time-bound goals.

28.       Doing excellent work by putting a model in front of you

29.       Small steps daily lead to huge work.

30.       Do today’s job only today - Do not postpone.

31.       Keep positive competition.

32.       Continue to take an interest in life for a living.

33.       Use energy only for creative work.

34.       Do not use negative language.

35.       Leave the trend of leaving today's work for tomorrow.

36.       Avoid incomplete efforts.

37.       Deal with daily posts / emails / inquiries, complete, reply them.

38.       Work with discipline.

39.       If you can't  do job, get them from others done.

40.       Do not take everything on you - share the work.

41.       Keep urging to complete daily tasks daily.

42.       Quickly resolve the questions. Do not carry forward them.

4.           Factory / Work / Office

1.           Keep the urge for cleanliness in the factory / work.

2.           Never start factory / office by shouting. This spoils the environment and slows down work.

3.           You should keep an eye on every corner of the factory, put round, arrange if it is verve.

4.           Create a good atmosphere. Keep the atmosphere of the business pure.

5.           Staff - Team

1.           Appoint qualified  human beings.

2.           Select good staff.

3.           Trust  on your  team.

4.           Keep urging from your employees to come to the office 10 minutes before this.

5.           Asked for a report from your employees about what they did yesterday.

6.           If there is less work than scheduled work, ask the reason for that.

7.           Encourage the team.

8.           You pay constant attention to the employees, they should be alert for them.

9.           No task is impossible to instill such confidence in employees.

10.       Handover work to employees  from the morning and order them to complete on time.

11.       Have a nice lunch/dinner with empoyees in good hotels. Give party.

12.       Conduct effective meetings with the team.

13.       Learn to lead like a leader.

14.       Use the power of imagination.

15.       Use with the power of words.

16.       Use the power of love.

17.       Help the team to perform at their best.

6.           Machinery / Parts

1.           Use good machinery, good parts.

2.           When buying consider quality only, not price.

3.           Keep a library of magazines, books.

7.           Product Quality

1.           Good quality is the best advertisement.

2.           Nothing is found without the best - Excellance

3.           Provide after-sale services and quality.

4.           Keep a promise.

5.           Give people a little more than they expected.

6.           Replace the latest software.

7.           At work time, adopt  high quality in the product.

8.           Keep a proper price for the product.

9.           Creating a powerful brochure.

10.       Keep excellent quality control. Do not compromise on quality, do not use the word “Go on”.

11.       Adopt very high quality control.

12.       Give more than you get.

8.           Customer

1.           Customers are guests at our home, our  are our feeder, show courtesy.

2.           Understand customer demand. If there is a customer, then we are.

3.           Give the customer a full rebate of money. Provide Quality - 5 *, 4 *

4.           Give satisfaction to customer.

5.           Give more than you get.

6.           Show goodwill towards a stranger / customer. Customer is God for us.

7.           The customer is a king. Listen them.

8.           Promise less and fulfill more.

9.           Give more than expected.

9.           Service

                        1.                Make service a priority. Money will come automatically.

                        2.                Provide aftersale services and quality.

10.       Honesty / Policy

1.           Earn money with honesty - Bad money is earned from bad habits.

2.           Stay away from shortcuts.

3.           Character and ethics - maintain ethics.

4.           Maintain business commitment.

5.           Do not expect to give or receive every good item at a nominal price.

6.           Do not fall into excessive greed.

7.           Do business with truth and honesty.

8.           Do not try to benefit yourself by harming others.

11.       Time / Opportunity / Arrangement

1.           Hang on, there is no success overnight. It has taken me 32 years.

2.           Do not wait until the situation is favorable, circumstances never become completely favorable, obstacles will come.

3.           If you can find it, then it is all around.

4.           Be prepared to seize the opportunity.

5.           Always be aware of the deadline.

6.           Respect the time. Do not waste time in vain tasks. Time is priceless.

7.           Use computer, email, internet, mobile properly, do not become their slaves.

8.           Make long term plans.

12.       People / Relationships

1.           Never treat people the way that people don’t do with you.

2.           Build and maintain relationships.

3.           Make a habit of calling people by name. Everyone likes their name.

4.           Remember people's names.

5.           Stay away from negative people who are complaining, crying for sorrow.

6.           Appreciate people, listen to their problems, help, pat back, build hope.

7.           Instead of grabbing the praise, answer it with good morning etc.

8.           Leave the bias.

9.           Think good for people.

10.       Younger people feel that they will get results from feeling like big people.

11.       Getting benefit  by feeling big people more big.

12.       Praise the little people, give thanks, give the magic jappy.

13.       Empathize in people's grief.

14.       Give people spiritual power.

15.       Make friends.

16.       Do not let the opportunity to express greetings to someone succeed.

17.       Do not expect thanks.

18.       Make it your habit to listen to others.

19.       Promote positive behavior towards people.

20.       Build a relationship.

21.       Stop criticizing.

22.       Do not show off. Do not do Fekology.

13.        Discussion / Communication / Attitude

1.           Mobile is for you, not for people, so keep mobile turn on from 11 to 7 only. Turn off on Saturday/Sunday.

2.           Big people listen continuously, younger people speak continuously.

3.           Thanks someone with a sincere heart.

4.           Make a habit of speaking the words with good enthusiasm, Good morning, Namaskar, Om Shanti, Thank you, Sorry, Good point - Appreciate etc.

5.           Always reply on the phone with enthusiasm in your voice.

6.           It is not necessary to pick up the phone on every ringing.

7.           If you are in work, then SMS and tell us to call on your time.

8.           Make your smile come alive. Let your eyes smile - your teeth should be visible, not artificial laughter. People do not see their teeth smiling. They see an enthusiastic person in you. They likes such people.

9.           Always give good news. Good news gives good results.

10.       If need be, learn not to give and challenge.

11.       Before speaking, speak very thoughtfully.

12.       Avoid talking bitter.

13.       Learn polite speech.

14.       Always keep a small diary and pen with you. Have any idea, note the phone number.

14.       Marketing - Party - Meeting

1.           Make talk / meeting / Lectures alive with Presentation / Audio / Video / Music Q / A humor.

2.           Try to make yourself popular.

3.           Develop a personality that will interest people in your talks / lectures.

4.           Your voice needs vibrancy. Show vivacity in walking, in conversation, in handshaking, in smile.

5.           At the party, introduce yourself when there is an opportunity in the meeting.

6.           Speak in such a way that the other person can remember your name.

7.           The way the other person pronounces his name, in the same way you pronounce his name.

8.           Write the name of the person in front.

9.           Ask the name of the person first on the phone. Spelling, Name,  Address.

10.       Write a letter to him - call.

11.       Talk well with a stranger. First impression is last impression, show courtesy.

12.       No person is complete, do not let him down.

13.       Get into the habit of excellent handshaking. - Protocols

14.       Take real interest in other people, call  by name with smile. If possible, speak in their language.

15.       Encourage others to speak about them.

16.       Talk about the interesting subject of the person in front. The person in front is important, do not let that seem to you and keep authenticity in this effort.

17.       Do not criticize, censure or complain about them. Appreciate with honestly and wholeheartedly.

18.       Allow the wishes of the person in front of you to appear, do not cut the conversation by saying your matter..

19.       Avoid debate, respect people's opinion, don't downplay them by saying that you are wrong.

20.       If you are wrong, accept it quickly and firmly and start with friendship.

21.       Make the person up front positively and let them feel that the idea is their own.

22.       Try to look authentically in each situation from the other's point of view, and be sympathetic to their wishes and thoughts. Pray for them from the feelings of the higher class.

23.       Indirectly draw people's attention to the mistakes of the people.

24.       Instead of ordering directly, ask questions, the person in front of you maintain respect.

25.       Be generous in appreciation, use more words like Thank you and Sorry.

26.       Make the impression of another so that he makes every effort  to maintain it.

27.       Generously encourage and show that it is easy to correct mistakes.

28.       Keep the person in front happy and do the kind of work you want.

29.       Do not trade with someone you do not have trust.

30.       Learn the art of Business  / Bargaining.

31.       Learn the art of conversation.

32.       Become proficient in the art of selling -  in marketing.

33.       Learn to refuse politely where necessary.

15.       R & D / Learning

1.           Industrialists have to keep thinking new. If Product is not running then make new by R&D.

2.           Expand something new in business.

3.           Learn to take initiative.

4.           This is the best time to learn.

5.           All high places are also quite empty.

6.           Keep learning new. Develop a passion for learning.

7.           Adopt new technology.

8.           Create some new things / idea in the world.

9.           Do not be limited.

16.       Bad Situation

1.           Create a project before starting a business.

2.           Take care of economic problems, physical problems and social problems.

3.           Learn to continue to exist  in every situation.

4.           Stand firm in every situation, Be firm, Do not fluctuate like a thermometer.

5.           Knowing the problem encountered, determine its maximum loss.

6.           Then try to reduce it.

7.           See its bright side even in bad situation.

8.           When all the gates are closed, God opens a new door. Just need to find it.

9.           If you have started a business, then the storm will come. Be prepared, Do not lose courage.

10.       If need be, do not feel small to seek the support of others - Do not keep tight even after falling.

11.       To seek support, to seek help do not feel shy or hesitant.

12.       A bad time is also about  to pass, time will wipe away any wound.

13.       Only spending time patiently can achieves success by crossing the terrible failure.

14.       Go ahead - Stick – keep staying.

15.       Do not try to prove the truth for your mistake, or by exposing it by placing a basket of blame on others.

16.       Do not be afraid of business risk, because fear is the victory ahead.

17.       Follow the plan A, B, C.

18.       Stop worrying about things that cannot be changed. Hand over to God.

19.       Solve problems immediately and turn them into opportunities.

17.       Rules of Savings - at Home / at Business

1.           Save  where necessary.

2.           Stop the misuse of water.

3.           Control power consumption. (Light, fan, TV, eletric tools turn on only when required. )

4.           Reduce frequent hotel meals.

5.           Save Petrol - Do not misuse the vehicle.

6.           Do not waste cooked food.

7.           Saving electricity - use systematically.

8.           Telephone / Mobile - Use systematically.

9.           Internet - Use properly.

10.       TV / Electronics Equipment - Use Properly

11.       Time saving - Just do it now – Do todays’ work  today - No time killing, 24 hour  timing management.

12.       Don't waste time on TV, Mobile, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, Gossip.

13.       Save paper

14.       Save on gas

15.       Save early and save often.

16.       Saving after spending is difficult, spending after saving is easy.

17.       In Purchase.

18.       In storing

19.       In Packing - In Material

20.       Packing in volume terms

21.       In Sale of waste

22.       In Quantity purchase

23.       In discount shedule

24.       Delivery shedule in - Tempo, Train, Courier

25.       Discount schedule

26.       Telephone Expense

27.       Mobile Expense

28.       Internet Expenses

29.       Electricity Expense

30.       Petrol Expenses

31.       In advertising

32.       In Wholesaler discount

33.       In payment

34.       In collection

35.       Bank Balance - Current / Saving in interest

36.       Workers' errors - in man hours

37.       Saving in production costs.

38.       Saving in Stationery - Paper - Ink - Printing – Roughpad Expense.

39.       Do not misuse in Xerox.

18.       Business Knowledge

1.           Get enough education about business.

2.           Learn successful management and leadership lessons.

3.           Get trained to speak in public.

4.           Establish cooperation with a group of experts.

5.           Take control of the business

6.           Learn from experience.

7.           Keep updating all the information and knowledge about your subject. Knowledge is power.

8.           Listen the lectures of subject experts.

9.           Create a system.

10.       Get guidance.

19.       Information of Business Law and orders

1.           Keep latest information on the law according to your business.

2.           Must have knowledge of  law and order of  business.

3.           Income Tax

4.           GST Tax

5.           Wealth Tax

6.           Professional Tax

7.           Property Tax

8.           Excise

9.           Import

10.       Factory Act

11.       Export

12.       License

13.       Custom

14.       Municipal tax

15.       Service tax

20.       Account of Business

1.           Learn to keep account  of everything in writing.

2.           Do not borrow too much or lend too much from others.

3.           Transaction or credit and debit  both increase the concern desperately.

4.           Learn to understand the balance sheet and profit-loss (P&L) account.

5.           Do not take money on interest  from friends or family, relationships will deteriorate. Take a loan from this option.

6.           If you are ready for Mandwali  (left it) then only give money to friends or family.

7.           Do not show off  that you have property.

8.           Generate new sources of income.

9.           Collect debt - Keep counting.

10.       If you need a financial advisor (CA), keep it and pay the fees for  that.

11.       Spend less than you earn.

12.       Prioritize repaying your debts and loans.

13.       Do not take on rent - buy. – By Bank loan.

14.       Do not use unless it is not arrive in your hand. Control the amount of usage.

15.       Keep a reserve fund for emergencies.

16.       Invest  Your Money Into Your Work - Assets

17.       Do not show off  income tax records.

18.       Do not reveal everything about yourself.

19.       Never discuss health, prosperity and other personal matters of business with anyone outside your family.

20.       Don’t excessive Show off. Do not proud.

21.       When will it let go.

22.       Keep records - everything – Database

21.       Competition

1.           Kee attention of the competitors.

2.           Do not be jealous of others business.

3.           Just do what you want to do otherwise your competitor will do that.

4.           Create a brand image of your business.

22.       Bad Habits in Business

1.           Work to be Postponed.

2.           Paying bills in last moment.

3.           Not completing the order as on given date.

4.           Delay in Lending - Overdue

5.           In meetings – Go late in Appointment.

6.           Forget people's names.

7.           Instead of listening to others, comment  in between.

8.           Attending a business phone at home.

9.           Keep checking emails, keep on checking SMS  frequently.

10.       Reduce your family's time for business.

23.       Service

1.           Bless someone instead of just thinking about yourself.

2.           This society has given you a lot, now return it.

3.           Be encouraged at all levels in every situation.

4.           If you want to do social service or goodwill, then keep an eye open outside your house and keep an eye around. Walking children, old people, carts. Go to the nearby municipal school, distribute clothes, give books.

5.           If possible, donate 10% of the business money to a noble cause.




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