Rules for Earning Wealth

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 Rules for Earning Money

  1. Understand the difference between price and value.

  2. Management of money - Do planning.

  3. To Value of money.

  4. Get knowledge of financial matters to become rich.

  5. Never take a credit card. Stay away from credit cards - use wisely if needed.

  6. Set money aside for the festival, for the future, for the disease. Saving for marriage, education.

  7. Wisely Invest in Cash, Bonds, FD, Gold, Equities, Property, etc.

  8. Invest money to earn money.

  9. The rich do not work for money, money works for them.

  10. The school teaches how to earn money, but it does not teach you how to use it.

  11. Business should generate money for you - whether you exist or not.

  12. How much money you make is not important, but how much you save is important.

  13. The rich buy property, the middle class takes responsibility, and the poor are immersed in spending. Property makes money, responsibilities spend money.

  14. Employee - The owner of the house, he works for the owner, for the government, for the bank.

  15. Keep money aside for yourself before business.

  16. Take care of your company administration yourself.

  17. Invest money in property, in gold.

  18. Wealthy people buy property first, buy luxury items last.

  19. Be accurate in accounting of money. The greater the responsibility of money, more accuracy is needed.

  20. The rich earn money, use it and then pay tax. But the middle class pays taxes before using the money.

  21. Work for learning, not for money.

  22. Understand the administration of money, administration of time, administration of people.

  23. Property brings a treasure of joy.

  24. Pay the debt soon.

  25. Create a monthly budget and live with it.

  26. Make long-term plans instead of short-term, giving up the desire to become a millionaire overnight.

  27. Poor people try as much as they can, they believe that they are poor by birth and will remain poor. If you get something of food, drink and cover, then they are satisfied.

  28. Middle class people try hard to live a comfortable life because the people of this class have the belief that they do not get more money than they need.

  29. Rich and highly rich people can earn according to their belief. Money brings money, they believe such self-confidence and recognition. They devise big plans for money. They think and plan for the next generations to save more tax.

  30. Make various savings for the future. If you do not want to live at the mercy of others at the time of any emergency and in old age, then secure the future financially. Carefully study only the essential and selected policies and mediclaim of life insurance so that it is completely safe.

  31. Earn more and donate more.

  32. How are those who are rich to be rich, how do they think and follow them.

  33. Do not think negatively such as "If I fail, if I work hard, people will taunt me for making money, earn more money, then pay more tax, have to hire a lawyer, Demand of donation will come, I will be stolen there "- etc.

  34. Do not include friends, relatives, or elders who do not agree with you in your mission.

  35. Find ways to introduce with the rich, Be a member of clubs like Lions Club, Rotary Club, where the rich are gathered. Increase their affiliation - get acquainted. Learn the best from them.

  36. Keep the management of money in your hand.

  37. Have a financial advisor if needed.

  38. In small and trivial matters, on useless or unused tasks, do not waste your precious time.

  39. Remember that the rich do not have the guts to complain and they do not cry.

  40. Be alert for more interest. If you need to study various investment options, invest with the advice of an expert.

  41. Do not be jealous of the rich, you will always be poor with such behaviour. So you see rich people not with hatred but with respect.

  42. Do not make a habit of buying more if it is available cheap, buy the best quality if needed, no matter how expensive.

  43. You should not run away from your problems, but should be able to gets problem smaller and you grow up. Make the path of stone as a ladder of progress (eg Narendra Modi - PM of India). If you become more confident, the problem will be solved.

  44. Money is advanced as a servant, but does not make it a master. Make him a slave because money is for man, man is not for money. The rest of us know that we have come empty-handed and have to go empty-handed. It goes with nothing but good deeds. So understand this truth and be generous in life.

  45. Learn to earn and save money, but do not accumulate / miser.




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