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Donations - Types of Services

  1. Food Donation – Ramroti.

  2. Water Donation – Water House

  3. Cloth Donation - Apparel, Blankets.

  4. Medicines  Donation  - Medicines, guidance of diseases in hospitals, Doctor’s guidance

  5. Body Donation - Blood donation, Red cross, eye donation, organ donation

  6. Knowledge Donation - Guidance, through website, through library, through class.

  7. Home Donation - Building old age homes, orphanages, construction of shelter house, adult education, night

  8. Schools. Fund Donation - Scholarship, Mute-Deaf-handicapped people, Animal Services, Social Service, Country Service, World Service, Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, Hurricanes, Weddings, Group marraige, Carrying, Free Books, Cloths.

  9. Environmental Donation - Transplanting of trees, horticulture, road construction, generating electricity, clean waste, maintain pure air- environment.

  10. Counseling and Guidance - For Addiction - To Prevent Suicide, In Support of Job Education, Motivation, Guidance in Happiness-sorrow, Depression, Yoga – Pranayama.

  11. Social Donation - Adoption of children, in organization of children adoption, in NGOs.

  12. Fearfree Donation - Spiritual Guidance.





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