Rules to get Happiness

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Explanation Happiness and Rules to Get it

  1. Mind

  1. Become a Master and not a slave of mind.

  2. Give positive command to the mind and use intelligence as knowledge.

  3. Fill the subconscious mind with positivity daily.

  4. Remove negative things from the mind, remove disorders and stay away from them.

  5. Increase self-confidence and willpower.

  6. Strengthen the mind with knowledge, meditation, yoga and faith.

  7. When the mind is free, remember God for two minutes.

  8. Relax the mind daily.

  9. Keep emotions under control.

  10. Make a habit of being happy.

  11. Renounce anxiety habits.

  12. Keep calm.

  13. Free your heart from hate.

  14. Always wish for good results, then they will achieve it.

  15. Always hope for the best.

  16. Give order to your mind allow the mind to always be happy in every situation. God has sent
    me to the earth to be happy, whether the desire is fulfilled or not, having money or not, have 
    to be happy.

  17. Make your mind so powerful that no person or situation can disturb your peace or snatch your

  18. Your happiness and your pleasure is in your hands, do not give remote control to the people.

  1. Thoughts

  1. You will become as you think.

  2. Understand the law of attraction.

  3. Always think positively.

  4. Just think about what you want, you will get what you want from the law of attraction.

  5. If you think negatively, only negative things will be found.

  6. It will be as you think.

  7. Think of positive thoughts as soon as you get negative thoughts.

  8. There is a lot of negative on all sides in life, negative thinking, negative people, negative
    environment, therefore positive thinking will have to be done.

  9. Negative thoughts comes in thousands together rapidly and with high speed,

  10. Negative thoughts, behavior destroy your inner strength.

  11. While positive thinking will gradually rise up with low speed, it increases your capacity.

  12. Positive thinking is very powerful.

  13. Therefore reduce thinking speed.

  14. When you feel a lot of harassment by negativity, understand that the time has come for
    you to do something positive.

  15. Throw out old thoughts from your mind.

  16. Always provide positive thoughts otherwise the negativity of the world will spread in your
    mind and the mind will go astray, the negative talks of people will leave you.

  17. Therefore always avoid negative people who complain, criticize and condemn.

  18. Make your mind so positive and powerful that nothing negative can distract you, disturb
    your happiness.

  19. Always keep positive thoughts in your mind because you will be what you think. So always
    think well, speak well and do well.

  20. Make new creative ideas.

  21. Shun waste thoughts, negative thoughts.

  22. Every thought affects the body. Affects the mind. Influences life.

  23. Societies come from the rites of pre-birth, environment (TV, news) and old beliefs.

Types of Thoughts

  1. Toxic thoughts - anger, vengeance, jealousy, malice, hatred, provocation.

  2. Negative thoughts - failure, sickness, fear, bad luck, doubt, worry, nervousness, rejection.

  3. Useless thoughts - without any reason.

  4. Necessary consideration - according to the situation.

  5. Reasonable consideration - Work according to the situation.

  6. Positive Thinking.

  7. Higher thoughts - Elevated thoughts, knowledge, spirituality.

Therefore, be free from thoughts of numbers 1 to 3.

Think about the number 4 to 5 according to the situation.

Make your life better by trying to think from numbers 6 to 7 - go ahead.

Negative thinking person feels

  1. Anxiety occurs first.

  2. Scared

  3. Anxiety.

  4. With Fear does not work properly, anger occurs.

  5. Stress due to not working properly.

  6. Stress occurs due to increasing pressure.

  7. Increased stress leads to depression.

  8. Depression causes loneliness.

  9. Being more lonely gives rise to suicidal thoughts.

Thus, a negative thought destroys a person's life.

With a Positive Good Thought Person get..

  1. First there is a feeling of bliss.

  2. Good behavior comes from feeling happy.

  3. Positive behavior brings them positive words.

  4. Then he comes in good act.

  5. Repeating good deeds often leads to good habits.

  6. Working with good habits creates good personality character.

  7. Having good character creates good luck.

Thus, a positive thought creates the destiny of man.

To have positive thoughts

  1. Seeing, reading and listening good things.

  2. Don't be narrow for positive thoughts, keep a broad view.

  3. There is a lot of power in thoughts, so turn thinking towards positive side and make life happy.

  4. For the work which has been started with good intentions, the whole destiny will be ready to support you.

  5. See positive photos, positive images, positive movies.

  1. Emotions

  1. Apologize if someone hurts by you and forgive someone if it hurts you.

  2. If necessary, fill your heart and cry, your mind will be light.

  3. Do not be bitter towards anyone.

  4. Atonement for sins and mistakes

  5. Control the mind and its emotions.

  6. Do not provoke the mind in small matters. No irritation.

  7. Do not take small matters and mistakes to mind.

  8. Don't lose happiness in small things.

  9. Do not hold any matter.

  10. Follow the policy of let go.

  11. Forgive everyone unconditionally.

  12. Forget everything old.

  13. By following the policy to let go your hand are always be up.

  14. Being a proudy happiness go away, so don't be proud, don't believe what I say should be done..

  15. Do not let the emotions become redundant. Do not be more sensitive.

  1. Happiness

  1. Man find happiness in outsided objects like in clubs, in movies, in pilgrimage-journey-vacation, in hotels, in wearing good clothes, in wearing good shoes, in collecting money, in sensual act, in luxurious life, in the dazzle of life, in persons, places etc. But all these things provide momentary bliss, not everlasting happiness.

  2. Do not try to get happiness outside, it is inside you.

  3. Happiness is a state of mind, it cannot be purchased or procured from outside World.

  4. Happiness-peace is in mind, not in things.

  5. Only your thoughts bring you happiness or sorrow.

  6. Happiness depends on what you think, which you do not have.

  7. Your mind is the source of happiness or sorrow.

  8. You have to find your happiness / pleasure by yourself. No one else will make you happy.

  9. No one in the world can make you happy except you. So always make a habit of being happy.

  1. Expectations / Desires

  1. Do not expects / hopes from people or in relationships.

  2. Do not expect happiness from anyone because it will be sad if expectations are not met.

  3. Do not have higher expectations than life in life.

  4. Expect less.

  5. Gain pleasure from the life..

  6. Having unlimited desires / expectations go away your happiness.

  7. One wish will be fulfilled and the other will be awake, so keep wishes limited and reasonable. Always be satisfied. You have to meet what is in your destiny, not more than that and not even before time.

  8. Do not complain for what God has not given you, otherwise happiness will go away, enjoy what you have, accept whatever occur.

  1. Money and Material Resources

  1. Physical resources cannot provide happiness that is everlasting. Only momentary happiness gives.

  2. So use it but detach from it. Detach from things / resources.

  3. Own and use things - TV, mobile, computer, internet, etc., but do not become a slave.

  4. Decide what I want in life. - set a goal.

  5. Money, car, bungalow, bank balance, power, position etc. - Then set a goal and work hard for it.

  6. Always be satisfied because there is no end to desires.

  7. Earning money is important, but money is not everything in life, because money cannot buy everything. By Money one does not get everything, you get a house but you do not enjoy the home. You get a bed, but no sleep. Got five dishes but don't get hunger. Books were found, but knowledge  not available. You should get education but don't get understanding and wisdom. Medicines are available but health is not available.

  8. To earn money honestly. By Dishonestly earned money will snatch away your happiness.

  1. Foolish Imitation

  1. Imitating people, comparing money, car, bungalow, etc. will go away happiness, so do not compare with people of upper status, things, be contented.

  2. Do not follow false.

  3. Do not compare with higher - It will hurt you, so always compare yourself to people or things that are lower. Do not compare with higher. Be contented.

  1. Stampede

  1. In the life of today's race, man keeps running.

  2. Fast life, fast food and fast depth.

  3. It does not bring happiness, it increases problems, so reduce the pace of life so that happiness can be found. Fast life, fast food, stay away from short cuts.

  4. Live life with simplicity.

  5. Don't own anyone - just become a trustee and use it.

  6. Live not as an owner, but as an detached observe live lifer by leaving Mohammaya and keeping witnessing.

  7. Identify yourself - know the qualities and disqualities.

  8. Develop virtues.

  9. Live with simplicity, eat less and simple food.

  10. Live satisfactorily.

  11. Sleep early and wake up early. 

  1. Situation

  1. Problems are a sign of a weak brain, make the mind so powerful with willpower that the difficulty should not be tregedy, but work should feel as routine work.  came and went, it will go - what is the big deal in this, the problems are only mental and it seems difficult because you think it is not difficult.

  2. Solution to every problem is possible. By relaxing the brain, praying and having reverence, every problem will be solved.

  3. In any case, always be happy.

  4. Learn to laugh and be happy in every situation, and say which is the biggest thing in it.

  5. Time is not always the same. Bad times will go, they will change because it is not always night, it is morning. Bad times will pass and good times will come. Therefore happiness will come after suffering, and after happiness will come sorrow.

  6. Do not forget God in all Happiness - Suffering circumstances.

  7. Always feel good. All is well. Always be happy.

  8. Determine the maximum possible loss in whatever adversity comes, relax your mind.

  9. Then try to reduce the loss by accepting it.

  10. God opens a new door when all the doors are closed, only to find it hard. Always keep your mind positive. Keep the hopes up

  11. Always be positive in all situations.

  1. Perceptive

  1. Change your attitude towards life.

  2. Keep a positive attitude. Think that something good will happen in every situation.

  3. So always think positively about what is going to happen in it, what is happening in it and what will happen.

  4. Think positively that something good will happen to you even in every negative situation.

  5. Be optimistic.

  6. Take each situation positively.

  7. See positivity even in an atmosphere of despair, it has come to make you strong.

  8. Creative thinking arouses confidence, then implementing it will lead to success.

  9. Win and lose depends on the mind of man, depends on perceptive.

  10. Happiness and pain do not depend on situations, it depends on your way of thinking.

  11. See the solution and not the problem.

  1. Purity

  1. Living a life of purity and honesty, with full diligence and loyalty, will bring prosperity to life, otherwise there will be no point in living in fear.

  2. Running away from greed after money, getting money from bad way goes away happiness. Therefore earn money honestly for happiness.

  3. Never make a habit of doing what the conscience does not like to your heart – inner soul.

  1. Relationship

  1. Accept what it is like in relationships and work - Let be.

  2. Always give them unconditional selfless love, have compassion on them.

  3. Do not try to change others, Accept a it is, Only Guide them.

  4. Do not try to change anyone, otherwise happiness will go away.

  5. Change yourself, the world will change.

  6. To be happy, accept as you are, you are as good as you are, great, love him.

  7. Relax and love people.

  8. Treat the person from the front to be interested in you.

  9. Congratulate people, sympathize.

  10. No regret for anyone. Love all – Life is very short.

  11. Your family, friends, relatives and co-workers, etc. and relationships with them are the result of the pact of previous birth. According to the rest of the book, we have met. Complete Account Accept and be affectionate, even if they have limitations. If you keep a positive attitude, then they will probably be doing the same thing to you, and if you have a negative attitude, they will also make your life miserable.

  1. Conduct

  1. If you want to be happy, don't say bad words to anyone.

  2. If it is mandatory, then speak in a way that does not look wrong.

  3. Do not hurt anyone.

  4. Treat others the way you want others to treat you.

  5. Always speak positive words, speak sweet, speak less.

  6. Appreciate good things from people.

  7. Provide positive feedback in daily behavior.

  8. Thank you very much, enjoy your positive life.

  9. Apologize and be relaxed.

  10. Forget pride and say for forgiveness that will reduces the burden of your mind.

  11. Don't be too sensitive - Sensitive nature will hurt you. Being sensitive in nature  or by becoming angry at talk happiness will go away. Therefore, do not keep such nature.

  12. Keep your word to be happy.

  13. If mistake is made, apologize and give it, accept it.

  14. Think well for everyone - Do not be jealous.

  15. Always talk about happiness and prosperity.

  16. Develop a mentality of abundance.

  17. Love everyone.

  18. Learn to live pleasantly.

  19. Always see everyone with smile.

  20. Call with name and respect.

  21. Meet each other.

  22. Like each other.

  23. Develop human relations.

  24. Do not prejudge anyone.

  25. Everyone has a share of God, so respect him, help as much as possible but do not despise any person, do not get angry with him.

  26. Make addition of Good actions, multiply virtues, substract evils, divide errors.

  1. Time

  1. If this happens then I will be happy, if you get that thing then do not make a habit of being happy. Because from childhood, education, after education, marriage after job, children after marriage, then to raise them, thus life will end, but will not get happiness.

  2. Do not waste life time in vain works. Life is very short, so enjoy every moment.

  3. Whatever happened is good, what is happening is getting good, whatever will happen will also be good.

  4. What is happening is the truth. – Drama is accurate.

  5. Change is the law of the world.

  6. Happiness is this moment, it will not come tomorrow or it will not be available.

  7. Happiness is a journey and not a destination.

  8. Enjoy each and every moment of life - Life is very beautiful.

  1. Future

  1. Thinking of what will happen tomorrow, feeling insecure, imaginary fear leads to happiness go away.

  2. Stay away from fear of being lost / snatched.

  3. Therefore, plan for the future, but then leave everything to God’s faith.

  4. Live in the present because past is history, future is mystery, present is victory.

  5. What will happen in future will be good. Plan for the future but don't worry.

  6. Do not waste today's precious time by worrying about the future.

  7. Forget the bad times, sins and deeds of the past.

  8. The past is past. Forget the old matters.

  9. The present is the result of actions of the past, while the future is dependent on the actions of the present.

  10. More than luck and never get before luck.

  1. Fear

  1. Do not think of fear.

  2. Fear is the biggest enemy of positivity.

  3. Fear is the cause of ignorance, so remove fear from knowledge.

  4. Everything will become positive as soon as fear comes out.

  5. Do not have imaginary fear of anything in future.

  6. Thinking oftenly with fear leads to the same.

  7. 90% fear is imaginary, so remove fear from your mind and think positively.

  8. Imagination is the biggest cause of fear, only reverence can drive away fear.

  9. Think about God, worry will run away.

  10. Don't worry what people will say. 

  1. Sickness

  1. Happiness by itself cures the power to cure disease.

  2. Positive attitude makes your body strong and immune too.

  3. Negative attitude makes your body sick.

  4. By thinking positive in the disease, the disease is cured soon.

  5. Anger, hatred, pride and guilt make you sick.

  1. Previous Birth

  1. Happiness in this birth also goes away due to sins of previous life.

  2. False feelings, jealousy, lying etc. lead to happiness go away.

  3. Therefore leave all this in your birth and do all the work before God.

  4. Why only I have got this difficulty, thinking such leads your happiness go away. Understand that they are the evil actions of previous birth. Compensate him and pay the account. The truth is that what God liked. Do not think too much. Why, for what, when etc.

  5. Accept Situation, Relation and Work as it is, if you cannot change.

  6. No overthinking. A- Avoid, B- Bypass, C- Cancell, D- Do your work.

  1. Reverence

  1. Have faith in yourself.

  2. Have faith in God and yourself.

  3. The power of faith produces miracles.

  1. God

  1. God is with you.

  2. Be optimistic.

  3. Wake up in the morning and remember God at night.

  4. Ask the Lord for forgiveness for bad deeds and guidance for good deeds.

  5. God is always with you.

  6. Always think that God is giving me guidance. I can do all that with God's will.

  7. God has also helped you in the past and will also in the future.

  1. Prayer

  1. Pray.

  2. Prayer charges the brain battery, eliminates fatigue.

  3. Do not ask for anything while praying, but believe that you are receiving their blessings.

  1. Work

  1. Preferred work does not cause fatigue.

  2. Work with a sincere heart.

  3. Do everything slowly without pressure.

  4. Meditate spiritually.

  5. Plan your work.

  6. Do present work today.

  7. Do not sit idle. Do a creative activity. Always be working.

  8. Thinking positively will make any difficult task easier.

  9. Distribute work.

  10. Reduce the pace of life, Be calm.

  11. Do not comprise with values.

  12. Do the work that you like, always be busy.

  13. Do not worry, Think.

  14. Learn to live in bliss.

  15. Do not repeat the mistake.

  16. Don't live like a targetless animal.

  17. Today is the last day of life, believe in doing something good that you can do in a day.

  1. Knowledge

  1. Get knowledge and use it, practice in life.

  2. Come out of old belief based on knowledge.

  3. Move towards perfection but never keep the urge of 100% perfection, no one is perfect except God.

  1. Human nature

There are four types of human nature.

  1. I am not ok, you are ok - heavy mood, weakness, narrow mind

  2. I am not ok, you are ok. - Disappointment, failure, frustration

  3. I am not ok, you are ok. - Pride, aggression, doubt, hypocrisy, crooks

  4. I am not ok, you are ok. - Clean, optimistic, confident, masculine



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