Pledges for Happy Life

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Pledges for Happy Life

1.            I will not be angry at anyone - do not shout.

2.            I will not boast.

3.            I'll let everything go.

4.            Will not envy me.

5.            I will not compare myself to anyone.

6.            I will accept everyone in their form. Let it be. I will not try to change them.

7.            I will not expect anything from anyone.

8.            I will always be satisfied.

9.            I will not condemn anyone.

10.         I will not hurt anyone.

11.         I will not speak negatively or sentence.

12.         I am a soul, I will not try to be afraid, if anything happens to the body. I will thirst to drive away fear.

13.         I will not live the life of a dog / sheep. God has sent me to do good on earth, so I
     will show how to do it according to the purpose of life.

14.         I will do the work of motivating and enlightening people.

15.         I will work to give happiness, peace, love, joy, knowledge, energy, purity to people.

16.         I will always be happy and positive under all circumstances.

17.         I will always respect elders, gurus and myself.

18.         I will give lots of love to children.

19.         I will give full respect to women.

20.         I will solve problems without friction, opposition.

21.         I will thank all the people in life.

22.         I will give unconditional love to all souls.

23.         I will give unconditional forgiveness to all souls.

24.         I will know my shortcomings and try to fix it.

25.         I will spend my life without any excuse for sickness, age, education, money, intelligence and fortune.

26.         It will take me 8 hours of sleep, exercise, meditation and a normal diet.

27.         What I want in this life - I will decide and work with happiness.

28.         I will stay away from negativity and negative people.

29.         God has fulfilled all my desires.

30.         I am satisfied with my work in my life. No regrets from anyone, no expectations from

31.         I will not get into arguments with anyone.

32.         I will make full use of my power to do good to the world.

33.         After fulfilling my family responsibilities, I will live for myself.

34.         I will be systematically disciplined in life.

35.         I will live in the present without forgetting the old things and worrying about the future.

36.         My life is mine, my peace is mine, who has no right to grab, I will make such a powerful mind.

37.         I will always learn to do something new.

38.         I will not be subject to negative thoughts.

39.         I will not be subject to anger.

40.         I will quit addictions.

41.         I will not be afraid of old age.

42.         I will eat the right diet, always exercise and love my body.

43.         I will not feel alone, God is with me.

44.         I will always maintain self-respect.

45.         I will raise Natural joy by becoming a lover of nature.

46.         I will live a simple, loving, healthy, lordly and natural life.



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