Methods get Happiness

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What to do to get happiness?

  1. Give happiness to people to get happiness, it will be returned to you by 10 times more.

  2. Whether people give you or not, keep giving. Happiness does not come from money, but from love. By giving, so distribute happiness.

  3. If you want happiness then stop begging from people, Asking for beg is a beggar, so start giving.

  4. Because givers hand is always be up.

You will get happiness by doing following

  1. Helping others Benediction / blessings / invocation.

  2. From doing great work.

  3. By doing good deeds.

  4. From serving the society / serving the country.

  5. By remembering God.

  6. By limiting desires.

  7. Being satisfied.

  8. Joyt of living - Happiness comes from charity.

  9. By forgiving people.

  10. Gift the best books.




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