Time Management to get Happiness

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Management of Your Time and Work

1.            The first 10 minutes of time with waking up are the most precious times in life. Fill it with positive

2.            Greet what you have received from the Lord in the morning, start the day with good speech.
      Without complaint.

3.            Read the verse –

I am Master Almighty                       -           7 times

I am the victorious jewel                 -           7 times

I am successful                                -           7 times

I am the luckiest soul in the world.

Today is going to be a great day.

God has given me a lot.

Welfare of all.

4.            Do a good job every day.

5.            Think positively for every person you meet along the way.

6.            Use the time properly by creating a 24-hour time sheet.

     For every successful person, God has given 24 hours.

     24 hours’ Time Table

8 hours                      –          Sleep

8 hours                      -           Job / Work / Business

2 hours                      -           Regular work - food / bath, etc.

2 hours                      -           Entertainment / Fun for yourself

2 hours                      -           For family

1 hour                        -           3 or 6 kilometers walk in the morning or evening

10 minutes                -           Pranayama - Kapalbhati exercise

10 minutes                -           Anulom - Antonyms Exercise

20 minutes                -           Exercise – Any

10 minutes                -           Morning meditation / Yoga

10 min                        -           Night Meditation / Yoga

7.            Do not read, watch TV / News / Newspaper after waking 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour at night
     at sleeping. - Stay away from it.

8.            Do not waste precious time of your life in TV / Internet / Email / Mobile / SMS / Facebook etc.,
     instead use them as per the need.

Read well - Religious Scriptures, Positive Books, Good Quotes, Affirmations, Autobiographies.

Look good - Colors, Pictures, Pictures of Nature, Positive Movies

Listen well - Mantras, Old Songs, Melodious music.

9.            Drink 8 glasses of water daily.

10.         Always keep yourself busy with the positive act so that you don't have time to talk negative. Do not
     let the mind wander.

11.         Follow the time.

12.         Recall God by meditating for 10 minutes before going to sleep, sleep assuredly by doing good /
     bad deeds done during the day. Do not hold anything for the next day.

13.         Relax your body when needed.

14.         Today's work is not to be avoided for tomorrow. Always do the hard work first.

15.         Prioritize each task and complete it in sequence. Plan and work.

16.         Whatever you do, do it with zeal and enthusiasm, don't work with crying and crying.

17.         Keep learning new constantly.

18.         Wake up the will power, keep ambition in life.

19.         Do creative work, don't sit without tendency.

20.         Work with full force and concentration with proper goals.

21.         Make work as a hobby.

22.         Remove the words ‘No Mood’ . If you do not feel comfortable at work, do another work for a while.
     Bring change.

23.         Wait patiently for the fruits of work.

24.         Visualize daily what you want in your mind.

25.         Victory is after fear - don't lose stength.

26.         Be organized and observe discipline.

27.         Keep the promise.

28.         Appreciate the good works of others.

29.         Do good work immediately - delay in bad work.

30.         Always do excellent work and speak / think. - Money is by product.

31.         Look at the positive qualities of every person, not their shortcomings.

32.         Do not hurt yourself by looking at the shortcomings of others.

33.         Do not react to every action / work all the time. Do not react. Do not argue. No one can win by
     debate. Let’s Go.

34.         Use the words ‘Thank You and Sorry’ more.

35.         Confidence, Enthusiasm and Energy are the secret of life.

36.         Control in environment - temperature, humidity, noise pollution, air pollution.

37.         Enjoy the nature.

38.         Learn good qualities from everyone.

39.         Take time for entertainment and organize for periodic travel and keep meetings with favorite




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