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      1.           Definition of stress (Stress - Agitation, Dejection)

When the pressure exceeds your tolerance limit, it is called stress or tension.

     2.           Cause of Tension                                                        Percentage

1.            Death of spouse (spouse)                                                              100

2.            Divorce                                                                                                73

3.            Jail sentence                                                                                      63

4.            Death of a family member                                                                63

5.            Personal injury or illness                                                                  53

6.            Problem in marriage                                                                          50

7.            Job leave / expulsion                                                                        47

8.            Discord / quarrel between husband and wife                              45

9.            Retirement                                                                                          45

10.         illness                                                                                                  44

11.         Pregnancy                                                                                          40

12.         Sexual Problems                                                                               39

13.         Increase in new family member                                                      39

14.         Death of a close friend                                                                     37

15.         Changes in jobs                                                                                 36

16.         Keep a huge amount of money                                                      31

17.         Changes in work responsibility                                                       29

18.         Son or daughter moving away from home                                    29

19.         Arguments with father in law                                                           29

20.         Not achieving significant personal achievement                        28

21.         Stop starting the job of the wife                                                       26

22.         Start or end of school                                                                        26

23.         Problem with higher officer                                                              23

24.         Changes in working hours                                                                          20

25.         Change in place of residence                                                         16

26.         Changes in eating habits                                                                 13

27.         extreme ambition                                                                               13

28.         Dekhekhi                                                                                             13

29.         extreme fear                                                                                        13

30.         Fear of losing anything                                                                    13

3.  Methods to be Free from Tension

1.            Think of any situation in life that has come to benefit you.

2.            Do not repent of the mistakes of the past or worry about the future. Pay full attention to the
      current success. Today is the day in your hands, if you do constructive work today, then old
      mistakes will be erased and there will be benefit in future.

3.            Do not compare yourself to any other person, you are the most unique person in the world.
     There is no one like you. Learn to love yourself.

4.            Give thanks to those who condemn you.

5.            Forgive the troublemaker and forget it.

6.            Do not try to solve all the problems at once. Focus on only one problem at a time.

7.            Seek help of other people when needed.

8.            Look at the problems from another point of view.

9.            Do not be sad to think that the situation you cannot change. Over time, they will resolve on their   
     own, be patient.

10.         Every person has their own role in the drama on earth. So don't be sad to see others.

11.         Remove the feeling of revenge.

12.         Do not be jealous.

13.         Do not give grief to anyone.

14.         End up suffering and miss the calculation of deeds.

15.         Leave pride, have come empty-handed, have to go empty-handed.

16.         Reduce thoughts.

17.         Hand over all your concerns to God.

18.         Meditate on God every day.

19.         Take a deep breath. keep smiling.

20.         Organize time.

21.         Do favorite work. Those who do business and work should do it with pleasure.

22.         Meditate on the Lord daily.





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