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1.                 Definition of Anger

"Anger is the most obvious manifestation of disinterest in your helplessness, defeat and your inability to deal with it."

2.                 Causes of Anger

1.                 The world does not do what you want or you do not want what the world does, then anger comes.

2.                 Anger arises when the image created by itself does not work accordingly.

3.                 People speak lie then got anger.

4.                 Lack of self-confidence.

5.                 Constant failure leads to anger.

6.                 When someone deliberately considered us "Vamana".

7.                 Because of doing all the work very quickly.

8.                 Due to long gland.

9.                 Due to without skill.

10.              Due to lack of decision power

11.              Having prejudice in mind.

12.              Thinking negative.

13.              Not having the ability to assess the situation correctly.

 3.                 Influence of anger on Self

1.                 They themselves stand apart from others.

2.                 Increases BP increases blood pressure.

3.                 Anger can be spoken about anything.

4.                 Feeling tired.

5.                 Having constant tension.

6.                 Protrusion occurs.

7.                 You do not know what to do.

8.                 You become a patient of the mind.

9.                 Your precious time is wasted.

10.              Decision power decreases.

11.              You completely forget your senses.

12.              Suppressing anger causes cancer.

4.                 Effect of Anger on Confront Person

1.                 Their pride is reduced by listening to the front. It ends within itself.

2.                 He becomes mentally unstable.

3.                 They may have depression.

4.                 He lives in a state of guilt.

5.                 Its personality disappears.

6.                 The frontman always lives in fear.

7.                 Their intuition decreases.

5.                 Prevention of Anger

1.                 Do not expect out of anyone's ability.

2.                 Treat the front with his work with love, not with anger.

3.                 Accept the way people are. Do not try to change them, because each soul works to the best of its ability.

4.                 Let go. Forgive, apologize.

5.                 Do not condemn the front, do not let it down in the middle.

6.                 Suppress the causes of anger - such as failure, doubt, impatience, promiscuity, despair.

7.                 Strengthening the mind. There is no provocation in small matters, no distraction, no one can give you anger.

8.                 Keep the mind engaged in constant activity.

9.                 Avoid angry situations.

10.              Do not make wrong arguments. Do not react. Abandon pride and always adopt compromising instinct.

11.              Keep the mind wide.

12.              Never think too soon - like I will see.

13.              Be satisfied in life, dissatisfaction gives rise to thoughts of anger.

14.              Breathe deeply when you get angry.

15.              Do not react immediately to any action, stop for a while.



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