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Identification of Fear / Fear

"Fear is always together from life to death."

There are two types of Fear

Real Fear - Dread

This is a fear in which you are at risk from this moment in your life - such as fear when a fire occurs, when you fall in deep water, fear etc.

Imaginary Fear - Dread

Fears of this kind begin to bind gradually from childhood. In childhood, when a child receives continuous negative information, then he comes to see his shortcomings in lieu of his strengths, lack of empathy or encouragement at the right time or his repeated failure to discuss, then his imaginary fears start increasing.

The imaginary fear is expressed in the mind. The one who is afraid of matter which has not happened yet, but it is just a fantasy. This fear can also be called unrealistic fear.

2.           Types Nature of Fear

1.            Fear of going to job

2.            Fear of hearing 'no' - fear of rejection

3.            Fear of criticism - fear what will people say.

4.            Fear of failure - Fear of unsuccess.

5.            Fear of death

6.            Fear of getting sick - Fear of getting disease.

7.            Fear of aging

8.            Fear of separation from life partner.

9.            Fear of sorrows

10.         Fear of robbing money - fear of becoming wretched.

11.         Fear of accident.

12.         Fear of flight - Fear of flying in a plane

13.         Worried about what will happen tomorrow

14.         Fear of snatching position

15.         Fear of losing respect - prestige

16.         Fear of poverty

17.         Fear of losing someone's love.

3.           Causes of Fear

1.            People are afraid of doubt, confusion and blind faith.

2.            Fear due to ignorance.

3.            The mind is scared due to weak mind.

4.           Effects of Fear

A.          Positive Effect

1.            Fear keeps a man running.

2.            Fear is also a type of strenght.

3.            Due to fear man exercises and stays healthy.

B.          Negative Effect

Effect on Body

1.            BP increases.

2.            Acidity/Gas occurs

3.            Heart attack can be occur.

4.            Diabetes occurs.

5.            Headache occurs.

6.            Can not sleep.

7.            Amnesia occurs.

8.            Paralysis may be occur.

9.            Brains haemorrhage can be occur.

Effect on Mind

1.            The mind becomes weak.

2.            Time runs out.

3.            Fear causes anxiety.

4.            Anxiety causes stress.

5.           Stress causes Tension.

6.           Tensions causes Depression.

7.           If the Depression increases, then the person commits suicide.

5.           Remedy to remove Fear

1.            The dread which have and by them know how much damage will happen. Then start working with
                courage to reduce it.

2.            90% of imaginary fears are not true in life. Therefore, by increasing the will power, remove the fear and
               something will happen, yet you will be able to increase your confidence.

3.            Recall what happened earlier during such fear - how success was achieved.

4.            Make a habit of sitting forward.

5.            Talk with eyes and eyes together.

6.            Run at 25% more speed.

7.            Cheer up smiling.



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