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1.           Recognition of Frustration

"Disappointment is a feeling that arises when an aiming spell or tendency is stuck, inhibited, or hindered by the presence of a person or infrastructural barrier, and when such a barrier prevents a person from achieving the intended goal."

2.           Causes of Frustration

1.            Lack of self-confidence

2.            Proud

3.            Excitement

4.            Loneliness

5.            Irregularity of time

3.           Remedy to Remove Frustration

1.            Meditate in the morning and evening.

2.            Enjoy each moment.

3.            Prescribe from the doctor.

4.            Relax the body and do deep breathing exercises.

5.            Remember a good opportunity or moment in life.

6.            Learn to be contented.

7.            Do not follow foolish imitation.

8.            Reduce anger.

9.            Look at each angle of vision from another point of view.



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