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Guilty Feelings

1.           Ways to Eliminate Guilt Feelings

1.           Never do wrong.

2.           Stay away from such activities that sting mind.

3.           Forget what happened, now never do it again and make such a firm determination.

4.           When the feelings of guilt are disturbed, then change the tendency and let the mind be in another direction. Stop the thoughts of the wrong feeling.

5.           Do not keep your crime stored in your mind. confess the crime you committed before your private person or God. This will calm the mind and lighten the mind’s load.

6.           Always keep the urge to stand in favor of truth.

2.           Feelings of Despondency


"It is not your fault or guilt though the feeling of desperation that you are being harmed by a person whom you trust the most.”


"When a person is depressed, there is intense pain and cries loudly or emotionally." He has kept himself in deception and seems to be helpless and hopeless. Your mind breaks. "

3.           Insecurity


"Insecurity is the kind of sensation that makes you feel one of your basic needs, like safety / security, is a fight or shows reality."

This emotion is displayed by the person mostly through fear and withdrawal. Or showing sharp aggression and adversary.



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