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   1.           Definition of Anxiety

When you visualize or think about an unexpected or unpleasant event and see the possibility of it being correct. Then you say Ai. They become true by worrying repeatedly. Worrying about the things that are not going to happen is called Anxiety.

2.           Causes of Anxiety

1.            In life you do not work as planned, so there is worry.

2.            Weak Mind - Weak Will

3.           Anxiety Effects on Self

 A.          Effect on body

1.            BP increases.

2.            ACDT / gas occurs.

3.            Heart disease can occur.

4.            Diabetes occurs.

5.            Headache is painful.

6.            Can not sleep.

7.            Amnesia occurs.

8.            may be paralyzed.

9.            Brain hemorrhage may occur.

B.          Effect on Mind

1.            The mind becomes weak.

2.            Time runs out.

3.            Worried

4.            Ficker

5.            Under stress

6.            From tension

7.            Depression occurs.

4.           Anxiety prevention measures

1.            Strengthening the mind.

2.            Take the right decision, decide immediately.

3.            Keep the mind in any other activity.

4.            To increase willpower.

5.            Share with friend or a private person.

6.            Keep faith in time.

7.            Have faith in God.

8.            Keep a religious outlook.

9.            Consult a psychiatrist.

10.         Physical exertion - exercise - regularize.

11.         Live in present.

12.         Live a peace and regular life.

13.         Make life a goal - make a plan.

14.         Be loving.

15.         Do not have wrong ambitions.

16.         Accept it as you are.

17.         Accept others as they are.

18.         Accept the situation as it is.

19.         Remove fear.

20.         Self-knowledge and courage.

21.         Think unpredictable - Think positively.

22.         Face the fear / situation.

23.         Remove disappointment.

24.         Work according to power.

25.         Maintain a routine.

26.         Remove the obstruction.

27.         Rejoice the other.

28.         Be prepared for the effect that anxiety already has and try to minimize that effect.

29.         Make you worry a little, such situations are going to come in life, so plan it well in advance. Tie the
    sail before the water flows. Prepare yourself that I can overcome any anxiety.

30.         Worrying is not the solution of any work. So instead of worrying, start working.

31.         Anxiety leads to the future by subtracting the present. what will happen? Instead, be present.

32.         Think nothing will happen. God is sitting. This is just imagination.

33.         Meditate - Morning and evening. Try to calm the mind.

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