How to achieve Harmony in Relations

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Rules to Make Harmony in Relations.

           1.                Do not assert your rights in any relationship.

           2.                Avoid arguing, don't  think that you're right.

           3.                Accept your mistake immediately.

           4.                Keep the atmosphere of the house positive.

           5.                Love in relationship but do not keep attachment.

           6.                Don't expect in relationships, just keep giving.

           7.                Do not make comparison.

           8.                Accept  how your son / daughter / or a relationship is, do not try to change them. Guide them but do not impose control on them.

           9.                Forgive others' mistakes. Forget at all.

       10.                Love everyone - Unconditionally - No Business

       11.                Give faith  in relationships.

       12.                Do not insult anyone.

       13.                Look at the person's point of view, not your own.

       14.                Let go and forgive / forget.

       15.                Show them the way in sorrow, help them, do not censure.

       16.                Do not try to believe everyone about your  matter.

       17.                Increase self-Esteem of  the front.

       18.                Do not get hurt in small matters.

       19.                Accepting means doing yourself a favor Full stop.

       20.                Relationships everlast a lifetime, so let the little things to go.

       21.                Whatever is they, they are good.

       22.                Do not speak negative talks / words at home, children will have the same rites.

       23.                Do not condemn each other, Do not censure.

       24.                Do not envy anyone.

       25.                Respect each other Give Respect.

       26.                Change yourself according to the world.

       27.                Stop criticizing again and again, Criticizing does not change the front.

       28.                See frontal features - not negative qualities.

       29.                The part of each soul is different, the characteristic of the soul is different.

       30.                Accept children, do not get angry, do not reject them, work with love and not with anger.

       31.                Everyone works to the best of their ability.

       32.                Do not react immediately to any matter.



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