Relations between Husband and Wife

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Relation between Husband and Wife

The two wheels of a life-like vehicle, such as the husband-wife relationship, complement each other.

At marriage time spouse take an oath by following  Bhavobhav with Saptapadi rounds that "With the testimony of Agnidev, we will make this life delighted by living in harmony with each other and mix up everlasting with highly co-operation by mind and body.”

Rules of happy marriage

  1. Husband and wife love each other with a sincere heart and express their love. In good words, appreciate each other's good qualities.

  2. Honor each other with a sincere heart, reduce differences. Do not be discriminated against even if there are differences.

  3. Organize the family, the happier your marriage life, the better your planning.

  4. Understanding the importance of planned maternity-paternity and become an ideal parent.

  5. Resolve one or two healthy cultured children.

  6. Celebrate anniversary, Celebrate birthday of  both yourself and the children.

  7. Work hard both to increase earnings.

  8. Do not skimp on health and entertainment, do not spend false expenses and foolish imitation expenses, reduce and save for the future.

  9. The responsible for the quarrel-dispute did not speak harshly. It is better to keep silence than to say dislike.

  10. Hear each other with peace. After deliberating and thinking, take small decisions in a joint manner. If necessary, make the decision by consulting an appropriate experienced person or expert. Husbands take care that their wives also get sexual satisfaction.

  11. Stay away from addictions.

  12. Try to meet the small and reasonable demands of each other, wife or children quickly.

  13. Suspicion or misunderstanding should be avoided with such behavior. So that mutual trust and love can be maintained. Renounce the skeptical nature.

  14. Always laugh and be laughting. Make a habit of always living in bliss. Adopt laughter, meditation, exercise, yoga and balanced diet.

  15. Organize short journey-tours once a year.

  16. Declare speech by thinking that I am in his place. Leave the preconception.

  17.  Respecting each other as individuals and never arguing and communicating with love.

  18.  Do not fight.

  19.  In the presence of other people, refrain from the bad habit of remembering each other's faults and blaming or degrading each other.

  20.  Praise each other all the time. Do not make comments that others do not like, Always speak sweetly.

  21.  Strive for self-improvement, and accept each other with affection - except for contractual intentions to improve each other.

  22.  Immediately apologize for a known unknown mistake by saying ‘Sorry’.  Forgive.

  23. Call each other with the nickname 'Nick Name'. Always keep smiling each other. Live with smiling.

  24.  Always keep your mouth full of joyous occasions. Always be happy and keep giving each other happiness / pleasure.




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