Different Types of Yoga

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Yoga is necessary to keep the human body healthy. The practice of Yoga and Pranayama works better on all systems and processes of the body. The mind can be concentrated through yoga and meditation. The mind can be relaxed. All senses can be conquered. Yoga makes both body and mind powerful. Can always be happy. 

The therapeutic power increases through yoga. Disease prevention is also possible. Diseases can be prevented before coming into the body. The body feels relaxed and energized, happy mind, peace of mind, hunger pangs, unfolding diarrhea and deep sleep. 

Yoga destroys hot tempered and covetous, and develops virtues.

Types of Yoga

  1. Hatha Yoga

  2. Gyan Yoga

  3. Bhakti Yoga

  4. Karma Yoga

  5. Rhythm Yoga

  6. Jai Yoga

  7. Meditation Yoga

  8. Raj Yoga.

Of all these, the most powerful for humans is the Patanjali Rishi-created Raj Yoga.

Raj Yoga

8 rules of Raj Yoga

  1. Yama - for not doing bad things

Do not lie, steal, be patient, do not be tempted

Living a virtuous and virtuous life, Nonviolence, Truth, Abstinence from theft (not stealing), celibacy and possession.

  1. Rules - Conduct

Follow Five Rules

  1. Discharge of Excrement - To cleanse the body from outside and inside with the following five types of actions. : Neti, Dhoti, Nauli, Basti and Kapalbhati.

  2. Satisfaction - Always be satisfied.

  3. Swadhyaya (Study) - Perform Decorum Daily.

  4. Fasting - Relax the body with fasting and vow. Chanting hymns selfless service.

  5. God Livestock - Whatever they do, they eat the Lord and the spirit of dedication in the service of the Lord.




Devotion to god

Read scripture

  1. Postures - Regulating the Body

Out of a total of 84 lakh Postures, 84 are like knowing 11 are like to be done.

  1. Pranayama - Regulating the Breath

By doing pranayama, the blood vessels in the lungs become more conscious and purify the blood completely by digesting the pranavayu. Funds get new life. The young ones continue to be young while they are conscious.

  1. Inference- Maintaining Concentration

One can go into meditation with perception. Meditation is a state of being. Meditation calms the mind, Kundalini Shakti awakens.

  1. Self-denial - To adverse the mind from the pleasures of the senses.

To keep the mind from the pleasures of mind and senses.

  1. Meditate - To Think

  2. Shrine - To Identical in Soul

Shrine is experienced when meditation is complete. In concentrated Meditation, the soul is united with God. Full bliss is experienced. Complete peace is felt.

Main postures of yoga

  1. Surya Namaskar

  2. Sarvagasana

  3. Hallasan

  4. Pashimothanasan

  5. Bhujangasana

  6. Shalabhasan

  7. Dhanurasana

  8. Pawanmuktasan

  9. Mayurasan

  10. Pakshasan

  11. Savasan

Rules of Yogapostures

  1. Completing the morning discharge of excrement activity and make it regular in the open air in the morning.

  2. Do it peacefully without a troubling mind.

  3. To be a witness to respiratory exile.

  4. Take a little rest after doing a posture.

  5. Wear clean, loose and light clothing.

  6. Spread blankets on the mat and do it on a balanced site.

  7. Do not forcefully apply pressure in the eyes, ears or bronchospasm in this manner or in the manner that the muscles of the face are stretched.

  8. Do not wear glasses or jewelry

  9. Do asanas without rhythmic heat or fatigue, do the body with less labor.

  10. Do not talk.

  11. Close your eyes.

  12. Light or empty stomach.

  13. After 5 hours of rich food, after 3 hours of breakfast, you can do postures, you can take food after 1 hour after doing asana.

  14. After 10 minutes of doing all the posture, do the shavasana.

Benefits of meditation

  1. Positive thoughts come from meditation.

  2. Mind is creative through meditation.

  3. Anxiety, stress are reduced.

  4. Concentration increases.

  5. BP decreases, cholesterol decreases.

  6. The disease soon subsides.

  7. Improves arthritis / back / back pain.

  8. Stamina increases.

  9. Respiratory rate decreases.

  10. Diabetes control.

  11. Intellectual ability increases.




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