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  1. For yourself,

  2. For the family,

  3. For friends,

  4. For Strangers,

  5. For whom you hate

  6. For the sick.

  7. Pray for Shapanan / Sanskar

  8. Pray for stress

  9. Pray for happiness

  10. Pray for peace - mental peace

  11. Pray for health

  12. Pray for blessings

  13. Prayer benefits with true heart and conscience

  14. Prayer increases memory and concentration.

  15. Prayer makes the mind unstable.

  16. Power flows into the body through prayer.

  17. Prayer brings humility, goodwill increases.

  18. Prayer increases your ability to face challenges.

  19. Prayer increases trust and confidence.

  20. Prayer develops qualities like tolerance, endurance, love.

  21. Prayer calms the body and mind.

Pray to the Lord in prayer

Oh God !

  1. Give me so much power that I can give something to people.

  2. Give me so much power that I want to leave the impression of goodness at every momen of my life, 
        embracing good and evil.

  3. Give the power to live lovingly with others.

  4. May my words comfort those who are grieving and tearful.

  5. I can encourage frustrated and unsuccessful people to succeed.

  6. I can serve the poor and the sick.

  7. If someone comes to my house, don't go back hungry thirsty.

  8. I can become a cabal so that the world can work.

  9. Do not spread your hand in front of anyone.





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