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  1. Identify each one as a soul.

  2. Do not attach body and body, stay detached, become destroyers.

  3. Trust God / Supreme Power in every good / bad time. God is always with you.

  4. Life is a play and you have to play your role in it - be it good or bad, every soul plays its own character, it is no one's fault that everyone has a different role. Do not compare each other.

  5. We are all one-legged Semille. Each other's accounts are pending, so stay away from emotional ties, family ties. Accept what you have, come empty handed, you have to go empty handed.

  6. God has given and will give a lot according to my ability, so thank him for what he has given, be happy - be grateful. Do not take the bad that has not been given to your mind, do what you have to do, enjoy it - life is very short.

  7. When you pray to God, only ask for powers, nothing else, God does not give any sorrow or pleasure to anyone, sorrow or happiness is the result of our own previous birth or the deeds of birth.

  8. Don't worry about the situation you can't change, leave it to God, everything will be alright.

  9. Accept the bad situation as the result of karma.

  10. You can get up every morning, bathe, go to the bathroom, then show my gratitude to God.

  11. Thank God for everything you have received in life - count your blessings.

  12. God has given you so much which many other people do not have?

  13. Give spirituality a place in life, give everyone a positive vibration.

  14. Good luck, good luck.

  15. All religions are good. There is only one God.

  16. Crisis will come but God will give you the power to face comfort

  17. What I have received is the result of my actions, and no one else is responsible for it, so forget the old things and do new things. Do virtuous deeds, enjoy what you have to suffer. Clear the account Make your payment

  18. Do not be afraid of death, the soul does not die, death is the end of all sorrows and sorrows.




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