Birth - Death - Rebirth

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Old Age and Death

  1. Death is the end of all sorrows of life.

  2. The death of the unborn is certain and the birth of the deceased is fixed, it is impossible to avoid it.

  3. Birth and Death are not in our hands.

  4. We know that everything is perishable. Any creation has a fixed immersion, so why bother with the fear of death?

  5. The reason is that even an 80-year-old aged person cannot accept death. He feels that it remains to be seen and enjoyed. We are not satisfied with the time that has passed.

  6. Never be fascinated, fear of death is due to attachment.

  7. Everything has to be abandoned, yet there is no less to store.

  8. Do not develop emotionalism in relationships too.

  9. Accept the reality that death comes on its own time.

  10. Death is certain, so do not fear, but accept and live the reality of death. The tendency is to proceed by naming the instinct.

  11. The time of arrival of death is not fixed, so we should use the time we have.

  12. How much we live, how we live is important. How to live for others is very important.

  13. After death, if it is said that "he was a good man", then life should be counted as such.

  14. Man is not immortal but his actions are immortal.

  15. Money and reputation are not the ultimate goals of life.

  16. Be so busy in life that you don't even get thoughts about death.

  17. Whenever the mind is experiencing emptiness, it should always be urged to have positive thoughts and make a commitment to its success. If this is possible, we will never even think of death.

  18. God has given life, he is to give back from death.

  19. Laughs know life only by accepting death.

  20. Accepting death easily, when death comes, do not cry for fear to God by crying and screaming.

  21. To get peace of mind.

  22. Determine your scope.

  23. One should not expect anything that works.

  24. Work satisfaction is the same. Success or failure is a secondary matter.

  25. Our time is fixed. We can never increase that time, so never try to increase that time incorrectly.

  26. If you keep good health, then the rest of life and death will be happy. Take precautionary measures to protect and enhance health. For this, there should not be sickness, for this, take all health resolutions. Be addiction free.

  27. Do your favorite social service. Donate with body, mind, money in your education and health sector.

  28. Spend generously for fitness. Eat satvik food. Learn to enjoy the rest of your life by spending your heart for Anand Pramod and entertainment. Nothing is going to come together. Money deposited in the bank will remain in the bank itself.

  29. Love everyone except pride. life's too short. Apologize and apologize for the mistake. Never dispute but communicate affectionately. Always be positive, have fun that will improve mental health.

  30. Get medical checkups done every year.

  31. Make a sudden end to life so keep judicial business.

  32. Accept euthanasia, death is not an event of mourning but of joy. It should be celebrated.

  33. Conquering Life Healthy, funny and joyous death, celebrate death and lead to a healthy, happy life by taking care of humanity.

  34. Learn to enjoy old age.

  35. Listen to Mahamrityunjaya mantra daily.

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Om Trimbakam Yajamhe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam,

Urvarukamiv Bandhananmrityomukshiya mamritam.

Literal Meaning

Worship the Lord with three eyes, well-willed, supreme power and health-giver - free me from the bondage of rags, the nectar from the bondage of death.


I worship Lord Shiva, a three-eyed, fragrant God who provides ultimate strength and health. May Lord Shiva bless me. Just as the crocodile leaves the vine, so, O Lord, liberate me from all the sorrows of time, sorrow, sickness and death and make me immortal.




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