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We are group of Engineers, Doctors and Spiritualists which handles this website with the aim of making this World Happy. This website is leaded by Mr. Dhanubhai R Luhar

This website explains Every aspect of Life and Purpose of Life.

Bio Data of Mr. Luhar is attached herewith.

This website has more than 1 million htm, Mp3 and Mp4 files.

You can consider this website as use Huge Online Library as well as Data Center.

Website Server Data is as under :-

Servers                  2 Nos - Dedicated Servers with IBM at Singapore and at Dallas.
              Rs. 1.0 Lac Per Month (US Dollar 1500 Per Month)
Bandwidth             20,000 GB per Month
Daily Download     600 GB
Internet speed      300 Mbps Internet Line
Server Data
         3600 GB

As more and more visitors and new data sections are increasing, the server finance cost is increases to provide more Bandwidth and speed.

You can contribute your contribution as per your capacity to make world Happy and Enjoy Joy of Giving. 


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